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Building Unstoppable Teams

All great teams are defined by the values that they hold dear and your team is no different. The problem is in the absence of clear defined values and rules people tend to make their own.

Craig has been fortunate to be part of some amazing teams from high performing teams as part of his career in the Australian Army to now being a member of the 2023 Invictus Games team competing in Dusseldorf.

The one thing all great teams share is the factor that differentiates them between a championship team and a team of champions is that they hold similar values. No one member of the team is more important than any other and no team member should be left behind in a time of need.

How teams come together and determine how they are going to operate and to what standard they are going to hold themselves accountable, can be a challenging process. Craig presents and facilitates a values based team charter in a supportive and encouraging way that inspires team members to expect more of themselves and each other.

Craig's Programs will:

  • Encourage team members to openly discuss current state, what is working and what isn't in a blame free environment 

  • Lead team members to determine how things could be based on best practice and determine the rules for getting there

  • Empower team members to gain ownership over performance and outcomes by setting their own path to success

  • Hold team members accountable to each other and learn how to call out breaches of their rules amoungst each other is a supportive way.

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