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I help People and Organisations Unlock Their Full Potential

Keynote speaker Craig Ball, delivers engaging and empowering presentations and workshops that organisations claim impact them for years into the future. Are you ready to give your team something unforgetable? 

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In times of unrelenting change, organisations that thrive are those that take a flexible approach to the challenges they face.

With change being the only constant in today's world, a flexible approach is more important now than ever. Being able to come up with creative solutions to challenges cannot be achieved through rigid adherence to the rules of the past. Employees today are demanding more not only of their employers but of themselves in the process and the workplaces that facilitate for tomorrow's workforce will ultimately win in the modern era. 

Building the right environment starts with ensuring everyone has the tools they need to not only overcome challenges that may affect their mental health and to be able to have a direct impact on their on fulfilment and that of their team. Its not enough to simply have a safe space for people to talk about their problems but having a method of removing negative energy surrounding emotional upset and being able to coach each other is critical. As an organisation providing for staff wellbeing and being a corporate leader also requires employees step up and be leaders in their own right just like a two way street.

That's why Craig's Programs are tailored to:

  • Build Mental Health and Empower a Resilient Workforce

  • Develop Unstoppable Teams

  • Lead through change

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    Mental Health and Resilience

    Inspiring a mentally healthy workplace in today's fast paced environment is more important than ever. Employees are looking for employers that take their mental health seriously.

    Craig has been sharing this message with audiences for over 20 years with one blue-collar team claiming his program helped them to achieve over 1000 days of no lost time injuries

    The events of 2020 and the fallout from it, have shaken the foundation of nearly every industry and life. The psychological fallout from this will likely be felt for years to come. Your employees are no different

    Craig's program has not only helped to shape the mental health and wellbeing of the many organisations that he has worked with but also helped to give teams an unfair advantage being better able to respond to challenges in a flexible way.

    Craig's Programs Will:

    1. Give your team a simple yet powerful system for addressing emotional upset
    2. Help them to make philosophical shifts in how they view what triggers them and how they deal with it
    3. Increase their capacity for happiness by being able to accept themselves, each other and life unconditionally
    4. Help them to be able to support one another through challenging times


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    Building Unstoppable Teams

    All great teams are defined by the values that they hold dear and your team is no different. The problem is in the absence of clear defined values and rules people tend to make their own.

    Craig has been fortunate to be part of some amazing teams from high performing teams as part of his career in the Australian Army to now being a member of the 2023 Invictus Games team competing in Dusseldorf.

    The one thing all great teams share is the factor that differentiates them between a championship team and a team of champions is that they hold similar values. No one member of the team is more important than any other and no team member should be left in time of need.

    How teams come together and determine how they are going to operate and to what standard they are going to hold themselves accountable, can be a challenging process. Craig presents and facilitates a values based team charter in a supportive and encouraging way that inspires team members to expect more of themselves and each other.

    Craig's Programs will:

  • Encourage team members to openly discuss current state, what is working and what isn't in a blame free environment 

  • Lead team members to determine how things could be based on best practice and determine the rules for getting there

  • Empower team members to gain ownership over performance and outcomes by setting their own path to success

  • Hold team members accountable to each other and learn how to call out breaches of their rules amoungst each other is a supportive way.

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    Leading Through Change

    Dealing with change isn't always easy and can force many people over the edge. What may appear on the surface to be a simple workplace change that will ultimately make things easier can be a bridge too far for some employees.

    In the chaotic world that we now live in, for many with a hectic personal life changes in the workplace can be the final straw. Change is different for each member of your team and being able to support your staff through moments of uncertainty can be critical not only to achieving the mission but to your employees well being and mental health.

     In his years as a change manager guiding and supporting teams through inevitable changes in the workplace Craig was always sensitive to the fallout of any change however small on the surface.

    Craig's Program's Will

  • Empower managers to be able to coach teams through the upheavals of change and help them to support one another

  • Mentor managers and leaders to find their reason why in even the most challenging change environments and inspire their teams to thrive

  • Help teams to better understand the change journey appreciating what they can change and what they can't

  • Inspire teams to seek the opportunities in ambiguity and empower them to thrive inspite of discomfort

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    The Value of the Seminar Was Immesurable!

    ...the professionalism, structure and content of the seminar were fantastic. Craig utilises his own experiences and insights, helping people using the information he provides for their own use!'

    Michael Gencher

    MD, String and 2 Cans PR

    Craig Was Truly Able to Connect With the Team!

    '...by providing a diverse perspective and insight - both personal and practical - to the challenges we were facing. Even some of the seasoned professionals felt that they achieved their personal goals and plan to leverage the new tools which Craig provided'

    Michael Lane


    Can do attitude!

    '...The feedback from all has been most positive and has helped in our constant drive to raise the benchmark of excellence in everything we do. Many have commented that a sense of perspective coupled with a confident 'can do' attitude is more apparent now as we face the opportunities that lie ahead.'

    David G.A. Perry

    Group Director Marketing and Sales, Stanford Hotels and Resorts

    Tailored to your needs

    Our candidates thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. It was interesting, well adapted and tailored to what was important to them. In particular, your pre presentation research in speaking to attendees of the session ensured that the session ensured that the concerns and common issues were covered.

    Angela McWilliam

    Director, McWilliam Group


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