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Mental Health and Resilience

Inspiring a mentally healthy workplace in today's fast paced environment is more important than ever. Employees are looking for employers that take their mental health seriously.

Craig has been sharing this message with audiences for over 20 years with one blue-collar team claiming his program helped them to achieve over 1000 days of no lost time injuries

The events of 2020 and the fallout from it, have shaken the foundation of nearly every industry and life. The psychological fallout from this will likely be felt for years to come. Your employees are no different

Craig's program has not only helped to shape the mental health and wellbeing of the many organisations that he has worked with but also helped to give teams an unfair advantage being better able to respond to challenges in a flexible way.

Craig's Presentation Will:

  • Give your team a simple yet powerful system for addressing emotional upset and stress

  • Help them to make philosophical shifts in how they view what triggers then and how they deals with it

  • Increase your teams capacity for happiness by being able to accept themselves, each other and life unconditionally

  • Help them to be able to support one another through challenging times

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