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 Lessons From A War Zone

 And How to Prevent Your Workplace From Becoming One

Sharing lessons from his military experience and career stretching more than 12 years which included 2 deployments to Afghanistan in 2010 and 2012 as part of the Special Operations Task Group, Craig is uniquely positioned to assist your team through challenging circumstance

Improving workplace relations under stress, building confidence, overcoming workplace conflict and team building are all outcomes that Craig can help you to achieve.

Craig's Keynote presentations:

  • Are highly interactive and give participants an opportunity to grow through experience

  • Build context around the learning encouraging participation and giving particpants a safe place to make mistakes

  • Are constantly being revised and updated to include the most up to date information and are easily customisable to your team.

  • Let's work together to make your event a success

    Contact Craig's team today to see how he can customise a solution to accomplish all of your meeting objectives

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